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Truck Marshalling

The North lot can be leased for a fee, only to the General Contractor of MACC for Truck Marshalling. North Lot will be available for marshalling during contracted move-in/move-out dates only. The request for use must be provided to the Event Manager 30 days before anticipated load -in, and paid for in advance of move in date. All payments will go through the DoubleTree Hotel or Miami Airport Convention Center.

Without payment North lot will not be accessible.

The control of ingress, egress and marshalling of trucks will be the sole responsibility of the authorized general contractor and its personnel. The Lot must be manned at all times during truck marshalling. At any time the lot is left unmanned during the operation, you will be considered in violation and lose the privilege and use of the lot.

Any vehicles and/or trailers left behind and occupying the lot during contracted event days will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners’ expense. The daily fee will be imposed on the authorized contract for violations of the above listed requirements.

Marshalling yard fee:

$300 – for π of the lot, daily*
$600 – for ∏ of the lot, daily*