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From video-texture mapping and surround sound, to breathtaking LED lighting design,
AVMS employs innovative technology to bring your brand and message to life. The staff of AVMS is dedicated to making your presentation the best to date. These professionals are here when you are to make sure your presentation has the “punch” you need and to assure you that someone is available to help you through the unforeseen. 

  • Rigging
  • Equipment solutions
  • Super widescreen
  • Audio reinforcement
  • Projection mapping
  • LED solutions
  • Lighting
  • Media servers
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Pre-visualization


Setting up for a convention is stressful enough, without the headaches of dealing with unmet technology requirements. A reliable High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) is paramount. We offer a fully trained technical staff for assessing and consulting on all events to ensure adequate allocations of bandwidth and services to any point within the MACC and the Doubletree meeting spaces.

We know how important a fast, reliable internet connection is for vendors & guests; And our team works 24x7x365 to make sure everyone is connected, when you need it most! Quickly & easily sign up for internet services and pay only for the services you need. All service charges are handled through MACC/DoubleTree billing services, so there are no questionable or confusing third party charges.


  • Pre-event consultation to make sure you’re up, running and have everything you’ll need for high speed access, so your presentations, videos, demos, training and payment services work without a hitch
  • Fiber Internet access with 99.99% uptime; Symmetrical 200×200 Standard, with 500×500 upgrade options available
  • Tailored internet services for perfect bandwidth allocation and balancing
  • Full network and equipment redundancy for a quick response to any unforeseen issues
  • Never oversubscribed internet circuits to ensure critical commercial services are uninterrupted
  • Comprehensive network-wide security ensuring no peer to peer visibility (client isolation) stopping hackers and data snoopers in their tracks and ensuring individual privacy
  • Secure wireless groups, with full intranetwork services, such as file sharing, available – while maintaining privacy within the group
  • Hardwire and wireless grouping available to allow local server configurations with wireless clients – and still secure
  • Private logins with individual bandwidth tailoring to ensure reliable internet access for critical functions – i.e. video servers vs. casual web browsing
  • Site wide, fully secure wifi roaming for individuals and groups
  • 24x7x365 customer support line
  • Fully trained/qualified Technical Staff on-site; Network engineers and technicians available for extensive pre-show and in-show support
  • Combine professional services and a robust, fully redundant, engineered network infrastructure for the most professional and reliable networking available, with no single point of failure.
  • Backup equipment for all critical hardware on-site and configured for minimal downtime, based on available professional services.
  • Standard response times, in lieu of professional services, is in near real time for network management concerns and less than 3 hours for physical network issues.

Networking services provided & managed by our partner, NConnections since 2009.

NConnections works with sales to review all upcoming events, and identify any event/customer that will have internet based needs – critically important when the purpose of the event will be access to the internet for the presenter, or group – i.e. web based training


For Support, call 800-809-7841



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