Statement of Purpose

General operation policies and procedures have been established to ensure the Miami Airport Convention Center, its personnel, lessees and related service industries are working in a safe and orderly environment. These policies and procedures should serve as a guideline for all concerned and will be enforced by Miami Airport Convention Center management. Any requests for variations or exceptions should be submitted to the Event Services Department and must be approved in writing by Center Management.

Download: Comprehensive Meeting Planners and Exhibitor User/Policy Guide

General Building Policies

  • Decorations may not be taped, nailed, tacked or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, column fabric or decorative walls.
  • Helium balloons may not be distributed inside the facility. Helium balloons may be approved through Event Services for permanent attachment to authorized displays.
  • Adhesive backed decals and stickers may not be distributed inside the facility or on the premises.
  • Glitter is not permitted in carpeted areas of the Center.
  • Animals and pets are not permitted in the building except in conjunction with an approved exhibit, display or performance legitimately requiring use of animals. Seeing eye dogs are permitted.
  • Miami Airport Convention Center permanent graphics, signs or displays may not be visibly blocked in any manner nor may temporary sign or decorations be attached to permanent building graphics. Planters and furniture in public areas, pre-function areas, etc., may not be removed or repositioned.
  • Exterior sign and banners may not be fastened to the building superstructure. Temporary exterior directional, information, shuttle bus signs, etc., must approved in advance by Event Services.
  • Miami Airport Convention Center office telephones are reserved exclusively for Convention Center business. Miami Airport Convention Center numbers may not be published as an official show or convention number.
  • The Convention Center does not grant lessee’s exclusive operation or control over any food service that is not located in the actual exhibit hall, meeting room or other area specifically leased to lessee.
  • Food and beverage sampling in conjunction with specific exhibits must be approved in writing by Convention Center Management.
  • Damage to the Convention Center’s property or equipment shall be the responsibility of the lessee and/or the person or organization causing such damage. Show management and service contractors are invited to inspect leased areas prior to move-in and following move-out. Damages should be reported immediately to Convention Center security or the Event Services Department.
  • Crates and large containers that exceed 500l pounds are not allowed in the exhibit floor. These containers may only be moved by convention center staff at additional fee.
  • Forklift & Genie Lift may only be operated by Convention Center staff at a charge to lessee of $75.00 per hour.
  • Banners, overhead signs, and special decorations may not be hung from Ballroom, Exhibit Hall or Meeting Room ceilings or walls except by Convention Center personnel or authorized contractor.
  • The Convention Center does not provide furniture and equipment for exhibit booth use. All arrangements for exhibit booth and lounge furniture should be made through a service contractor.
  • Movement of portable walls is to be accomplished by Convention Center personnel only.
  • House lighting, ventilation, heat or air conditioning will be provided as required during show open times, Energy conservation is of prime concern and minimal light and comfort levels will be maintained during move-in and move-out periods. Rehearsals and similar pre-event activities may be assessed a utility charge for special light and comfort level requirements.
  • City Ordinance #92-12 prohibits smoking in all City owned building, which includes MACC.
  • All Food and Beverage service will be handled through the DoubleTree Miami Mart Airport Hotel. NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE IS PERMITTED.


  • The Convention Center maintains security for building perimeter, parking interior public area and control of people movement within those areas.
  • Lessee is responsible for complete security within the exhibit halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms and all other areas specifically leased to lessee.
  • Lessee MAY BE REQUIRED to provide security in loading dock areas, emergency exits, registration area and any other leased area being used from the time of initial occupancy until completion of move-out. Such security, when required, will be at the expense of lessee.
  • All security arrangements are subject to approval by Convention Center Management.
  • All service contractor and show related working personnel, temporary labor, etc., are to be properly badged.
  • Areas within the Convention Center indentified “authorized personnel only” are restricted to permanent Convention Center personnel.
  • Exterior exhibit hall exit doors and loading dock exit doors are not to be propped open. Automatic loading services are not to be removed or tampered with.
  • Working personnel are not permitted to loiter or take breaks in public areas.
  • Abusive language, threats, assault, vandalism, theft and all other inappropriate actions will result in immediate removal from the premises and prosecution if appropriate.
  • No soliciting permitted in the Miami Airport Convention Center. Safety of all occupants of the Convention Center is of utmost concern. Any and all unsafe conditions or activities will be brought to the attention of the responsible parties and corrective measures are to be made immediately.

Hazardous Work Areas

Exhibit Halls during move-in and move-out. loading dock area and “back of house” service areas are considered HAZARDOUS WORK AREAS. As such, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced:

  • Absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages.
  • No horseplay, practical jokes, etc.
  • Use or possession of illegal or controlled substances of any kind is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted.
  • No speeding or reckless use of vehicles or equipment will be permitted.
  • No gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel or other flammable liquids may be stored, permanently or temporary, in hazardous work areas.

Public Areas

The pre-function areas and permanent food facilities are considered public areas and generally not under lessee control. As such the following guidelines apply:

  • All activities utilizing public areas, such as registration, special exhibits or displays, etc., must be approved in advance. Detailed floor plans with specifications are to be submitted to Event Services approval.
  • Activities in public areas must take into consideration the requirements of other tenants utilizing the facility.
  • Service desks and related “behind the scenes” work stations should not be set in public areas.
  • Motorized vehicles, forklifts, gas or electric carts, etc. may not be operated in pre-function areas or any carpeted area of the Convention Center.
  • Installation of carpet runners, show carpet or other temporary floor coverings over permanent carpet must be approved in advance.
  • Heat tape and double face tape may not be used on permanent carpet. Clear access must be maintained to all permanent food service facilities.

Loading Docks, Exhibit Halls, Parking Areas

  • Convention Center employee parking areas are for the exclusive use of vehicles identified with a permanent Miami Airport Convention Center parking decal. All unauthorized vehicles will be removed at owner’s expense.
  • No parking in fire lanes, service streets, vacant exhibit halls, loading dock areas or any other location posted “no parking,” will be strictly enforced.
  • Unauthorized vehicles will be removed at owner’s expense.
  • Use of loading dock(s) allocations will be based upon lessee’s contracted exhibition space.
  • Utilization of the freight marshalling yard must be coordinated through Event Services. Generally speaking, services contractors will be permitted to schedule marshalling faculties as available in consideration of other tenants and contractors.
  • Crate storage IS NOT PERMITTED in exhibit halls or interior building areas under any circumstances. Crate storage is considered a potentially hazardous situation and service contractors should submit all crate storage plans to Event Services for approval.
  • All labor requirement for move-in, move-out, set up of display areas, etc., shall be responsibility of show management and/or exhibitors and their service contractors.
  • The Miami Airport Convention Center serves as its own telecommunication, electrical and utility contractor. Refer to separate rate and service schedules for details.
  • All items to be suspended from exhibit hall ceilings, including signs, displays, light and sound equipment, etc. Must be approved in advance through Building Services.
  • All ceiling equipment, material and rigging must be removed immediately upon close.
  • Utility panels and switchgear, hose cabinets and standpipes located in exhibit hall and around perimeter walls must remain accessible at all times.
  • Tape removal from exhibit hall floors is the responsibility of the lessee and their service contractor.
  • Clear access is to be maintained to exhibit hall concession stands and restrooms at all times.
  • Lessee and their service contractors are responsible for removal of bulk trash, crates, pallets, packing material, lumber, etc., prior to show opening and following move-out.
  • Additional trash hauls due to show trash removal shall be the responsibility of the lessee.

Delivery Procedures

  • The Convention Center does not accept advance freight shipments for exhibitors. Freight must be consigned to the official show service contractor or exhibitor service contractor, or delivered directly to service contractors or lessee during the lease period.
  • Mail received on site should be addressed to the appropriate show or event. Mail will be held in the Convention Center Event Services Department until the first day for the lease period, at which time it will be delivered to show management.

Exhibit Floor Plans and Registration Plan Approval

  • Detailed floor plans are required for exhibit halls and registration or special activities and exhibits scheduled in any public areas of the Convention Center, including exhibit located in meeting rooms and ballrooms.
  • Preliminary plans should be approved prior to confirming exhibit space sales to avoid unnecessary confusion later. Final plans must be approved by the Convention Center.
  • Eight (8) copies of floor plans should be submitted to Event Services. Event Services will notify show management and their service contractor of problem areas and required modifications.
  • Official name of the show, sponsoring organizations, dates, and name of service contractor.
  • All plans should be drawn to scale.
  • Aisle widths should be clearly indicated.
  • Primary entrance doors and emergency exits should be readily determined.
  • Service desk locations should be indicated. We ask that electrical and telephone desks operated by the Convention Center be included with other service desks.
  • Service contractor storage areas or “bone yards” should be clearly marked if located on floor.
  • Note if aisles are to be carpeted.
  • Distinction between pipe and drape or hard wall should be indicated.
  • Temporary exhibit floor food service areas should be clearly indicated.

Basic Fire Code Regulations

  • Show management, exhibitors, service contractors and all other involved parties must comply with all Federal, State and Municipal fire codes that apply to places of public assembly. Sections of the Life Safety Code Book that are pertinent to places of public assembly shall be considered part of all leases whether specifically referenced or not.
  • All drapes, curtains, table coverings and skirts, carpet or any materials used in exhibit must be flame retardant. All such material is subject to inspection and flame testing by the Fire Marshall.
  • Fire fighting and emergency equipment may not be hidden or obstructed, including fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets, fire alarm pull stations and standpipes.
  • Crates, wooden boxes, parcel material, etc., may not be stored in exhibit halls, meeting rooms or exit areas.
  • Crate storage is the responsibility of the appropriate service contractor.
  • Under no circumstances will crate storage or equipment storage be permitted to obstruct emergency exits from any area of the building. This requirement will be strictly enforced.
  • Vehicles with gasoline engines may be displayed with a maximum of two (2) gallons of gas remaining in the tank. A locking gas cap must be installed or the tank must be disconnected and taped to avoid potential sparks.
  • All electrical equipment must be UL approved and all gasoline engines must be AGA approved. Refer to electrical and utility rate schedules for detailed electrical, gas, water, and compressed air requirement for exhibits. All emergency exits, hallways and aisles leading from the building are to be kept clear and unobstructed. Vehicles in fire lanes or blocking exits, etc., will be moved at owner’s expense.
  • The use of welding equipment, open flames or smoke emitting material as part of an exhibit must be specifically approved on a individual basis by Miami Dade Fire Department. Written specifications may be submitted to Event Services to request Fire Department approval.


Events or circumstances not covered in these operating policies and procedure may be subject to special consideration and stipulations as deemed appropriate by Miami Airport Convention Center.

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