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Move-In / Move-Out

Move-In /Move-Out hours are normally from 7:00am – 7:00pm daily.  Variations from these hours shall be negotiated with Convention Center Management.

Meeting Rooms

The Convention Center, AT ITS OPTION, may grant the use of meeting rooms to lessee under the following conditions:

  1. Meeting room may be provided in such numbers as are approximately proportionate to the total amount of exhibit space used.  Such rooms granted will include full set-up as specified by lessee utilizing available tables, chairs, lecterns, etc., ON A ONE TIME SET-UP BASIS.  Changeovers and revised room set-ups will be charged.
  1. Meeting room space to be used for purposed directly related to lessee’s convention or trade show, and not assigned or sublet to commercial firms or other organizations for hospitality rooms, demonstrations, sales meetings or similar.  Private purpose, such commercial firms or other organizations will be required to make independent lease agreements for space within the Convention Center.
  1. Meeting rooms to be assigned in consideration of other tenants and commitments by the Convention Center.  The BOARD ROOMS and Salons are not included in meeting room space available.  Rates for Boardrooms and Salon are specified on the Rate Schedule.

General Sessions

The Convention Center is designed to conduct general sessions seating in Exhibit Halls East & West.  Refer to Rate Schedule for specific rates.  Such special seating set-ups will be charged on the basis of $2.00 per chair.

Registration Space

Registration space as required by lessee and in consideration of other tenants will be provided.  Registration equipment, telephones and electrical services are not included.  Registration plans and space utilization MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE by Convention Center Management.


  1. Show offices allocations coincide with rental of exhibit hall and are available.
  2. Press facility space as required by lessee and in consideration of other tenants.
  3. House lighting, ventilation, heat or air conditioning as required during open times.
  4. ENERGY CONSERVATION is of prime concern to MIAMI AIRPORT CONVENTION CENTER and minimal light and comfort levels will be maintained during MOVE-IN AND MOVE-OUT PERIODS.  Rehearsals and similar pre-event activities will be assessed a utility charge for special light and comfort level requirement.
  5. Janitorial service during show hours in aisles, corridors, open spaces and restrooms, plus on thorough cleaning of these same areas during non-open hours.  Specific times shall be coordinated with the Event Services Department.
    1. Lessee responsible for removal of bulk trash, crates, pallets, packing materials, lumber, etc., PRIOR to show opening and FOLLOWING move-out.
    2. Convention Center Personnel DO NOT clean interior exhibit booth areas.
    3. Lessee responsible for cleaning carpeted aisles and lounge areas.

Special Services and Facilities Not Included in Basic Rental

Coat and Baggage Check Services may be arranged with the Convention Center’s official contractor (Please discuss with the Event Service Department).


Lessee is responsible for complete security within the exhibit area, meeting rooms and other areas in use by the lessee.  The Convention Center maintains security for building perimeter areas and internal patrols.  Lessee MAY BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE SECURITY in loading dock areas, emergency exits, meeting rooms ballrooms and other leased areas from the time of initial occupancy until completion of move-out.  Such services, when required, will be at the expense of the lessee.  All security arrangements are subjects to approval by Convention Center Management.

Crate Storage

  • The Convention Center does not provide exhibit crate storage.  Lessee and lessee’s service contractor are expected to make arrangement for storage of all crates and packing materials.

Freight Deliveries

  • The Convention Center CANNOT ACCEPT advance freight shipments for exhibitors.  Freight must be co-signed to the official show service contractor or delivered directly to the service contractor during the lease period.  The Convention Center can accept twelve (12) boxes or freight with an equivalent weight of 500 pounds.  Additional boxes or freight will be charged accordingly.

Exhibit Electrical and Utility Services

  • The Convention Center serves as its own electrical and utility service contractor.  Refer to separate electrical and utility rate and service schedule for details.

Telephone Service

  • Convention Center office telephones are reserved exclusively for Convention Center business.  THE CONVENTION CENTER NUMBER MAY NOT BE PUBLISHED AS AN OFFICAL SHOW OR CONVENTION NUMBER.  Complete telephone service is available on the exhibit floor, in show offices, service areas, registration areas, meeting rooms, ballrooms etc., exclusively through our communication department.


Decorations may not be taped, tacked or otherwise fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, or fabric and decorative walls.  Special decorations are to be cleared through Convention Center Event Services as to the method and location of installation.  No helium balloons or adhesive backed decals are permitted to be given our or used within the Convention Center.

Sign Hanging

The Convention Center has definitive sign hanging guidelines for ceiling mounted exhibit related signage.  Please request a copy of these guidelines from the Event Services Department.

Re-Keying Meeting Rooms

The Convention Center has the capability to convert certain rooms to a high security status by re-coding the standard locks.  Their service is recommended for any areas in which valuable products or other material will be stored.  The charge for this service is $75.00 per lock per event.  Non-Returned key fee is $25.00 per key.  A $10.00 duplication fee will be charged for each additional key requested over and above the two (2) keys issued during key re-coding.

Vehicle in Exhibit Halls

Vehicles are permitted in the exhibit halls for the purpose of loading and unloading only.  Under no circumstance may vehicles remain parked in exhibit halls unless they constitute an integral part of the display.  Display vehicles must confirm the Standard City fire codes.

Furniture and Equipment

The Convention Center does not provide furniture and equipment for use in the exhibit booths.  All arrangements for exhibit hall and lounge furniture should be made through a service contractor.

Portable Walls

Movement of portable walls, once set, will be charged at prevailing labor rates.

1.O.S.H.A. Regulations

Compliance with O.S.H.A. regulations is a responsibility of the lessee and lessee’s contractors.


Lessee and lessee’s contractors are requested to accompany Convention Center staff on a pre move-in and post move-out tour of the facility to assess any damages and determine responsibility.

Carpet Tape

Lessee and lessee’s contractors are responsible for the removal of tape residue marks on the exhibit floor and/or Convention Center equipment.  The approved tape for use at MACC is 3M CLEAR.


The Convention Center operates a 1,700 car surface lot adjacent to the Convention Center.

Public Ticket Sales

Lessee shall be responsible for all required licenses and pay all admission taxes required by any government regulation.

Food Service

All Food and Beverage service will be handled through the Doubletree Miami Mart Airport Hotel.